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Stuff We Want

VW Golf Watch

$290 (est) Telling the time will be diffi cult, but this timepiece replicates the í86 Golf GTIís dash, and the dimpled wristlet mimics the original carís shifter.

Volvo Sticker

$5 Known for its squarish looks, sturdy build and hauling ability, the Volvo wagon has become a classic of sorts. Pay tribute with a sticker.

Chevy Bel Air Guitar

$2999 Crafted from aluminium, these Ali Kat guitars are a throwback to the classic fi ns jutting out from 1957 Chevrolet Bel Airs.

GT-R Manifolds

$11,350 www. litchfi Separates the turbo exhaust manifold from the turbine housing, so you can slap bigger turbos on your R35 Godzilla. Price includes new snails, too.

Fujifi lm Snapper

$1749 fujifi This Fujifi lm X100T camera combines retro design with digital tech.

Boasts 16.3 megapixels.

Carbon Money Clip

$45 rcfi Tame all that unruly cash you keep in your pockets with this. Yep, made of real carbon-fi bre, it's certainly one way to lose a bit of weight.

F1 Car Simulator

f motor_mag 123 $134,566 (est) A bespoke simulator shell that features carbon-fi bre suspension arms, magnesium wheels and 16GB worth of RAM power. m c w