Mike, via email

G’DAY MOTOR team, just wanted to comment on the redesign – put me down as not a fan. I know these things tend to be tweaked slightly over time, but having just caught up on three issues over a couple of days, the difference was very noticeable.

The use of different fonts in several sizes isn’t great, and the treatment of the news section and breakout panels looks like every Brit lad’s mag “new products” advertising section – or a bootleg Top Gear mag (sorry).

The layout makes the main content feel very cramped and, overall, the November issue felt “thin”, like that yearly issue of US mags just before new-model-launch season.

I am a subscriber, but with the new layout in its current form, I’ll either not renew or (more likely) cancel after the S550 Mustang comparos. Instead, I’ll buy the brilliant Tyre Test and Tuner issues throughout the year.

You guys do a solid job and I subscribed immediately a couple of years back after being impressed with how far the magazine had come since last reading it (maybe 10 years ago), but I know MOTOR can be much better than the November issue was.

Sincere apologies if any offence is taken to my criticisms.

Thanks for your feedback, Mike, we’ll definitely take it on board. Sorry to hear you’re not a fan, though, as you rightly say, there will be a period of transition as things are tweaked, so hopefully we’ll get you back on board. Anyone else got any feedback on our new look – good or bad?