Liam Hudson-O’Farrell, via Facebook

THE two-wheel drive Huracán looks tamer than its all-wheel drive twin – which wasn’t exactly the maddest Lamborghini I’ve seen – therefore moving it closer and closer to its cousin, the Audi R8.

I must say that the R8 is now better looking, cheaper and comes with an arguably better interior. So why on earth would you buy the tamer, uglier, more expensive Lambo? You would if it was more exclusive, mad and totally bonkers. Which it isn’t! So Lambo is shooting itself in the foot by doing this, and it needs to bring back more of the lunacy.

The four-wheel drive Huracán can send all its power to the back, and there’s more of it! So what is the point of the new rear-drive model, then, besides murdering its tyres and being able to handle easier? No point at all, meaning that Lamborghini is just blundering around, cramming as many cars as possible into its range, like the Germans do.

Lamborghini is Italian for a reason, and the new Huracán certainly doesn’t prove that.

We dunno, Liam, a Huracán LP 610-4 at full noise feels pretty loopy, so the thought of similar speed with only rearwheel drive has our palms sweaty in anticipation. And remember, the truly batty Huracán – the SV/Superleggera – hasn’t been unveiled yet!