Tim Conway, via email

HEY guys, now that the M135i has found a place in your garage, I have a comment about broken-record abuse for it having no LSD.

Think of it in terms of ‘the one per cent’ – that is, I reckon far less than one per cent of owners, at best, actually notice the absence of an LSD. In my experience organising track days, less than one per cent of owners of a particular car model will, in reality, actually take their car onto a track (another 50 per cent will be brave keyboard warriors and talk about it – a lot).

Secondly, the less than one per cent who venture onto the track will discover there are ways of playing with the Sports+ mode and DSC settings to make the standard “e-diff” a little more effective. I’m not sure what settings Luffy used at Winton, but the impressive lap times suggest it worked pretty well, especially considering some of the slower cars had LSDs.

And finally, here’s the good part: for the less than one per cent who track their cars and find them wanting, there is a dealer-fitted LSD option now available. Yes, extra dollars, but that means the option of no compromise!

Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to enjoy this stealthy little giant-killer, as you should over the next few months.

You make a good case, Tim. You’re right that most drivers probably won’t notice the difference and the option is there for those who want it. Having driven an LSDequipped M235i, however, we can confirm that its fitment makes a great car truly something special.