Bill Norman, via email

I LOVED your November issue and spent hours happily studying Bang For Your Bucks, but I was frustrated by the tyre discrepancies.

It can’t have escaped your attention the front-running cars on circuit were both using Michelins so sticky you’d lose your skin if you touched them hot.

You mentioned the BMW 228i had surprisingly poor corner speed and lifeless steering, but look at its tyres.

Then there’s this: how would the VW Golf R and Merc-AMG A45 have fared running the same rubber as the Renault Megane or the BMW M135i?

I realise you can’t afford to standardise tyres – and, anyway, there are arguments for run-what-you-brung (if Renault is prepared to fit premium tyres as standard, why should they be penalised in competition?)

But as a driver, I want fairer information than I get this way. I wonder if your expert driver Luffy would be able to put a “tyre effect factor” into the test results? It wouldn’t be precise, but it’s sure better than nothing.

Appreciate your view, Bill, but you’ve kind of answered your own question. If a manufacturer wants to fit quality rubber, it should be rewarded for doing so.