09 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV

Talks the talk, but will it be able to back up its boast?

THINGS have gone a little quiet on the Giulia QV since Alfa told all and sundry that its new 377kW/600Nm super sedan could lap the Nürburgring in 7min39sec – that's 14sec faster than a BMW M4.

Word is, however, that the lap time could have been its undoing, with the Giulia sent back for suspension revisions after the discovery that it was too stiff, even for the racetrack.

Alfa’s most potent offering since the 8C is still a mouth-watering prospect, its light weight (1524kg) and searing speed – 3.9sec 0-100km/h thanks to its 2.9-litre Ferrari-derived twin-turbo V6 – providing it the on-paper ability to give the M3 and C63 a bloody nose. 10