04 BMW M2

Cheapest M-car might also be the best M-car

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THE NUMBERS say hyper-hatch, but the BMW M2 enters the performance arena with six cylinders, rear-wheel drive and a six-speed manual.

Landing at $89K for the de-specced Pure and $99K for the full-fruit, DCTequipped (manual optional), the M2 is somewhat of a bargain, stealing plenty of bits from the $150K M4.

Titanium engine innards help unleash 272kW and 465Nm from the 3.0-litre turbo six (500Nm on overboost), fed through an electronically controlled M Diff to 19-inch wheels wrapped in focused Michelin Pilot Super Sport rubber.

The latest M cars are a little hit and miss, could this be the car that gets the brand back on track? orof ficial f motor_mag 11