7 Ed’s Letter

Never thought we’d say it, but we need more highway patrol

9 Cars of 2016

What you’ll be salivating about over the next 12 months

18 The Vent

A few pearlers this month sneak into our letters page

20 Sweet Dream

Honda sees red for its NSX

120 Geek Speak

Ford’s Focus RS super-trick Drift Mode under the spotlight

122 Cool Kit

Ready to steal any leftover Christmas change

124 Garage

Bluey compared to its PCOTYwinning forebears

126 It’s Tempting

A pair of very diff erent preloved M cars to tempt you

127 Chart Attack

Those that are up and down in the fast lane

129 David Morley

Want to cut the holiday carnage down? Work less

131 Iain Kelly

Could you be driving a deathtrap?

133 Hot Source

Fill your head with numbers

146 Final Nine

Subtle but deadly heroes