140 KEEP your food and drinks ice-cold on your next 4x4 adventure, with the all-new, high-tech Waeco CFX 100W portable fridge/freezer. We say ‘high-tech’ as the unit features the latest WiFi technology, allowing users to control temperatures remotely. Other features include Variable Motor Speed Optimisation Mk2, extra-thick polyurethane insulation, robust lid latches and hinges, spring-loaded handles, a USB charging port, LED interior lighting, and 100 litres of capacity.

Website: RRP: $1899 om.,W ures her ane s ort, 00


ADD superior frontal protection to your 2016+ Isuzu D-MAX with an Ironman 4x4 bullbar. A new range of bars is now available, and they feature improved approach angles, triple-folded edges, a winch mount, high-lift jacking points, spotlight provisions, and an aerial mount.

The D-MAX bullbars are available now from your local Ironman 4x4 stockist.



NEED to charge an entire family’s worth of Apple products after a long day on the tracks? Projecta’s all-new PH125 Power-Hub turns a 12V battery into a convenient and user-friendly device capable of powering a range of electronic accessories and appliances. It comes with a 240V AC socket that provides ‘Pure Sine Wave’ power. The unit is simple to operate and very user-friendly, thanks in part to a 2.4-inch colour LCD screen.

Website: RRP: $499 approx. (battery not included)

BACK IT UP 141 BACK UP in comfort with an all-new Dometic PerfectView CAM45 reversing camera with a PerfectView M55L (five-inch digital display) and M75L (seveninch) monitors. The system will be your best companion when reversing into that tricky camp spot in front of an audience.

The LCD monitors feature built-in anti-reflection tech, LED backlighting and auto day/night display adjustment.

Website: RRP: CAM45 $149; M55L $319; M75L $359 r s Tbbd WR M


THE WORLD-renowned One-Key Bolt Lock technology has landed in Australia. Called BOLT, the technology permanently programs the lock to a vehicle’s ignition key. When the key is inserted into the cylinder, spring-loaded plate tumblers move up and down to uniquely code the cylinder to that specific key, so you can forget about cluttered keychains and combination locks. The product line includes the Padlock, Toolbox Latch Retrofit Kit, Cable Lock, Coupler Pin Lock and Receiver Lock. Head online for full details.



KEEP all of your important gear water-free when exploring wet areas, be it caving, kayaking or just taking a dip in the ocean near some dubious-looking people who’d nick your wallet from your shoe given the chance. Thunder’s Dry Bag is made from heavy duty PVC and features welded seams and a folding lock system to keep it water-tight.

With 35 litres of storage, it won’t be a burden to lug around on your next adventure.

Website: RRP: $29.99 en d er w er o n r’s r-


TUCK yourself into ARB’s all-new Deluxe Sleeping Bag. The spacious, comfortable king-single features a removable internal fleece liner, 100 per cent cotton canvas outer shell, brushed cotton flannelette lining, an internal pocket, a removable hood with pillow pocket, dual zippers, and hollow fibre for breathability and warmth. The bag has a rating to -10°C.



THE NAVMAN Drive Duo SUV is the adventurer’s ultimate wingman. It combines a six-inch GPS and dashcam and is jam-packed with features including 4WD off-road routing, lifetime maps, live traffic updates, Lonely Planet’s travel guides, and the Zomato restaurant guide. The MiVue dashcam features include a new adjustable neck, Super 2K Full HD recording, ADAS features, G-shock sensor and an optional rear dashcam.

Website: RRP: $479


RECKON the Everest’s factory 80-litre tank isn’t big enough? Long Range Automotive has launched a 125-litre replacement tank for the UA Ford Everest, which will take you the distance to many of Australia’s hardto- reach destinations. The new tank retains the original’s ground clearance, and it’s again mid-mounted. The Aussie-made tank is manufactured from 2mm aluminised steel, and is etch-primed and finished in silver hammertone enamel.

Website: RRP: $1700 (fitted)


LED LIGHTING is all the rave, and Baja Designs has released the compact S2 Sport to sit alongside its S2 Pro auxiliary lighting system. The lightweight package is designed to reside in spaces on a 4x4 where standard lights struggle to fit. The lights have a very low amperage draw, making them ideal for applications which have limited electrical output (ATVs, for example). Head online for a full list of specs and features.

Website: RRP: From $109.95 Lr Pil de li WR