AN OFF-road-ready concept of the upcoming T60 ute was unveiled by Chinese carmaker LDV at the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show.

The T60 Off Road Concept differs from the double-cab 4x4 ute its based on thanks to some heavy head-to-tail tweaking.

Most notably, the concept 4x4s raised suspension has been strengthened via the addition of heavy duty springs and adjustable shocks. The improved suspension is assisted further by the insertion of heavy duty flairs in the wheel arches to cater for off-road tyres and alloy wheels.

Pesky rocks and sticks are kept clear of vital components via full-length, heavy duty underbody protection, which also improves approach angles at the front.

Further additions over the base-model ute include a matte-black grille; a heavy duty front bumper hiding a winch and additional lighting; a heavy duty rear bumper with towing shackles; a heavy duty roof rack housing a light bar; strengthening beams in the load tray and engine department; and a snorkel.

Not resting on its laurels, LDV also built a concept version of its upcoming D90.

The D90 All Terrain, based on the SUV version which was revealed earlier this month, has had its bog-standard wheels and tyres replaced by an all-terrain track system like something youd see on an army tank.

Boosting ground clearance substantially, as well as providing extra traction and a wider foot print, the new tracks are built to carve through snow, sand and mud a go-anywhere vehicle.

The stock T60 ute and D90 SUV will debut in Australia this September, and full details and pricing will be available towards the second half of 2017.