JEEP has bumped up its new-car warranty coverage from three years/100,000km to five years/100,000km for vehicles sold from February 2017 onwards.

When the warranty expires, and provided the vehicle is serviced by a Jeep dealer, Jeep Australia will provide free roadside assistance coverage for the vehicle’s lifetime.

Buyers of MY16 Jeeps sold from February 2017 get the previous threeyear manufacturer’s warranty but have it topped-up with a two-year extended warranty provided by Eric Insurance Limited.

If you’ve bought a MY15 or MY16 Jeep before February 2017, Jeep Australia will provide a two-year extended warranty, coupled with an additional two years roadside cover and five years capped price scheduled servicing for a $1950 fee.

MY15 and MY16 Jeeps will also get lifetime roadside assistance if they are serviced at Jeep dealers after the warranty has expired.