THE duffle bag has been around for many, many years and has remained the popular choice for vehicle-borne adventurers. This type of loadlugger is popular for their basic design, cavernous volume (for minimal weight), as well as tough build and fabrics. Duffle bags can be tied to a yak or donkey for a climbing adventure, or just thrown in the back of a 4x4.

Numerous brands have duffle bags in their luggage range, and they all follow a very similar design DNA a cylindrical space with a small enclosure (lid) up top.

So its interesting to see highly regarded Aussie brand, Sea To Summit, enter the competitive duffle-bag market with its Nomad. The designers at Sea To Summit have definitely done their homework with the Nomad duffle, addressing a number of design points and aiming to improve on them.

The most obvious new design feature and one we reckon most people will applaud is the oversized lid. For those used to shoving their hands in the (often) smallish opening of their duffle and scrabbling around blindly in the hope of finding a particular item, this bags large clam-shell-type lid opens to expose most of the space inside, making access far simpler. Access is made easier again by the simple design tweak of using a brightly coloured fabric inside, allowing gear to be more easily spotted.

The Nomad is constructed using heavyduty nylon material, and features a padded base and lid. There are external compression straps and lash loops for securing the duffle to a roof rack if needed. The lid is also built tough, and a dual-zipper ensures it wont break when pulled or tensioned (or if the bags overpacked) and aids in upping the security of your gear inside.

The handles can be attached/detached to suit three different carrying options for when youre out and away from your vehicle: a backpack-style harness, an over-the-shoulder set-up, or just carrying it with the two straps like a piece of carry-on luggage. Two small magnets in the handles mean you no longer have to fiddle with Velcro tabs to secure them together they just snap together once each handle is close enough to the other.

Its simple but it makes a difference.

The 130-litre Nomad on test has proven faultless over the past few months.

Nothing much can go wrong with a duffle bag anyway, but little things like faster joining of straps for carrying, the threeway strap/harness system, and most obviously the awesome large lid have been much appreciated. Add in the bombproof construction and I reckon the Nomad will do excellent load-lugging service for many years.

The Nomad is available in four sizes (45L, 65L, 90L and 130L) and in three colours (blue, orange and charcoal).

Its available now.


AVAILABLE FROM: RRP: $179.95 (45L); $199.95 (65L); $229.95 (90L); $249.95 (130L) WE SAY: durable, easy to access contents.