Back in the 70’s when 4WD’s were few and far between, three adventure seeking mates got their ‘off road thrill’ with customised Volkswagen Beetles supped up as beach buggies. Each fitted with custom made bull bars, roll bars and sand tyres – they drew the attention of friends and bystanders.

Before long, Lloyd Taylor, Cliff Jones and Steve Mollenhauer were making hand-made custom bars for a growing number of fans. As the demand continued to grow, they decided it was time to get serious.

In 1973, with little more than their combined initials, shared passion and appreciation for quality products – TJM was founded and the rest is history. They were pioneers and TJM became the first company in Australia to manufacture and distribute quality 4WD equipment.

TJM’s passion for innovation grew with the company, and the companies product range expanded to a full suite of 4WD equipment and accessories.

The product range has extensively broadened to include; Steel and Alloy Bull Bars, Nudge Bars, Side and Rear Protection Bars, Side Steps, Trade Racks, Roof Racks, Recovery Equipment, Winches, TJM XGS Suspension, Airtec Snorkels, Pro Lockers, Roof Top Tents, Awnings and much more.

With over 75 stores across Australia, and an ever-growing international network, TJM are continually developing and cementing their global presence.


At TJM’s Research & Development Department you’ll see everything you’d expect to find in a world leading R&D facility – engineers crawling over vehicles of every make, model and size; probing, planning and scanning with the very latest digital technology.

There are the gleaming next generation prototypes, lined up in their expansive workshop amongst the sparks and screens, whilst other innovative designs are being finetuned and put through their paces.

Then there’s the stuff you can’t actually see in TJM’s R&D workshop – a pathological determination to create, build and test the best 4WD equipment on the planet. TJM products are painstakingly researched and subject to torturous trials and testing.

TJM’s commitment to innovation and successful testing is fundamental to the business and its growth. But what else would you expect from a team of fanatical 4WDrivers?