The MSA 4x4 Explorer Aluminium Drawer System (patent pending) is packed with technology. The system’s patent pending ‘Pro-Glide’ technology is designed to smoothly handle up to 250kg per pair. Its patent pending MSA 4x4 ‘Open-stay block’ holds the drawer open on steep inclines and the MSA-4x4-designed handle lock system combines ease of use with comfort, safety and security. The optional battery-powered LED strip light that’s flush-mounted to the inside of the drawer is another great feature, and the system is compatible with the full range of MSA 4x4 drop slides and fridge barriers. Another plus is its rattle-free construction and dust-resistant design.



Packing JetBoil’s all-new MiniMo stove is a no-brainer if you plan on doing any day hikes, MTB rides or canoeing/kayaking.

JetBoil went back to the drawing board for the MiniMo to try and broaden its capabilities; most canister stoves are best for boiling water and melting snow, but JetBoil wanted to make the MiniMo more of an all-rounder. So the company concentrated on redesigning the stove’s valve and regulator to up the simmering control, allowing more finely controlled cooking. The cooking pot is also wider, with tough metal handles, so you can get your fork in to the pot more easily to stir ingredients. You still get JetBoil’s renowned low-temperature performance (the stove is claimed to offer simmer control and burn down to -6°C. There are heaps of extras, including a coffee press and larger pots.

RRP: $239.95 Website:


The Ford Ranger already looked pretty tough, but with a new Ironman 4x4 bullbar it looks even tougher. The Commercial Deluxe Bar (BBCD038A) is ready for the PX Ranger MkII (without adaptive cruise control). A separate bar is being developed to suit models with adaptive cruise control. They will also fit older PX Rangers. RRP: Commercial Bar, $1125; Commercial Deluxe Bar, $1295; Protector Bar, $1485.



Built to Leatherman’s usual high standards, the new Signal features 19 tools including a fire starter, whistle, diamond-coated sharpener, needle-nose and regular pliers, wire cutters, saw, hammer, combo knife, bit driver, hex bit driver, bottle/can opener and more. The Signal weighs 212g and when closed is just 11.4cm in length, making it compact enough to fit in your pocket, glovebox or backpack. Leatherman guarantees its products for 25 years, so you know this thing will last out in the field. The aluminium chassis encases the tools and allows quick and easy access to all the tools inside. The saw and (semi-serrated) blade lock out, so they can be used one-handed without fear of lopping off a digit. The screwdriver and can-opener also lock out. Another feature of the Signal is the replaceable wire-cutters – in case you somehow manage to break them.

RRP: $285 Website:


Projecta has developed a DC/Solar Battery Charger that can charge simultaneously from both solar and alternator (9-32V) inputs without the need to manually switch from one power source to the other. The IDC25 ‘Intelli-Charge’ grants owners a three-stage charge of 12V secondary/auxiliary deep-cycle batteries while on the go. The IDC25 can also function as an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar controller up to 25A, maximising the power generated from solar panels. When operating on vehicle power, the unit offers dual charging modes for compatibility with both ‘smart’ and conventional alternators. The charger is backed by a two-year warranty and can be purchased at all leading transport, automotive and four-wheel drive outlets throughout Australia.

RRP: $449.00 Website:


Taking a few bikes with you on your next adventure is a great way to explore around the campsite with your family. The only trouble with lugging bikes around is that they take up significant space and are awkward to load – unless you go with a dedicated bike-carry system, such as this FourTimer from Yakima. The FourTimer (for 50mm tow hitches only) is a brilliant solution for carrying four bikes, and it suits all bikes regardless of frame design, wheel size or suspension set-up. The low tray height makes loading bikes easy, and the FourTimer folds down (with bikes loaded) for access to the rear of your vehicle, and then folds up when not in use. It can also be converted from a fourbike carrier to a two-bike carrier – for us, that’s the FourTimer’s greatest appeal.

RRP: $749 Website:


Styled specifically for the new Hilux, the Ascent Canopy features remote central locking via the vehicle key, electronic unlatching of side lift-up and rear windows, a standard roof vent for reducing dust ingress, and an over-rail attachment system for an integrated appearance. The electronic unlatching combined with frameless windows – provides easy one-handed operation and removes the need for locking hardware on the exterior of the side window glass. A choice of frameless lift-up or pop-out windows is available, providing flexibility to meet individual load requirements. A number of roof rack options and other accessories are available.

RRP: $4208 (fitted and painted) Website: d ust –


BlackWolf’s new Cuba is a travel backpack with a zipoff daypack. The main pack has an adjustable ErgoFit harness making it light to carry. The 10-litre expansion gusset is great for when back-up carry space is needed.

The daypack can zip on and off to the main pack easily, can clip on to or be worn over the front of your body, and it has a laptop padded pocket with dual access and a front RFID protected pocket. This should keep your electronic personal details on your credit cards and passports safe. The packs are lockable and come with locks, in-built rain covers, reflective panels and durable fabrics. There are three capacity options: Cuba 65L RRP: $269.99 Cuba 75L RRP: $279.99 Cuba 90L RRP: $289.99 Website: lf’s zip


If you’ve just forked out for a new iPhone, you’ll probably want to protect it. Pelican Products has released new adventure-proof cases for the latest Apple devices. The ProGear Voyager is slender, lightweight and has layers of ‘energyabsorbing’ materials to protect the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. It’s also been engineered to military standards for impact and drops. For everyday protection of your phone, the (slightly cheaper) Pelican ProGear Protector is fashioned with an elastomeric copolymer rubber interior to absorb shock and impact. It features an edged lip to deflect energy and cushion the device in times of direct impact.

RRP: Voyager, $59.95; Protector, $39.95.



No one likes the sound of diesel rattle. It troubles the soul. So the diesel experts at Berrima Diesel Service have released a new product to combat injector rattle in common rail diesels. Rattle Stop is a diesel engine fuel additive that has been designed to reduce diesel injection rattle caused by injector needles becoming sticky. Injection system repairs are expensive and replacements hit the pocket even harder, so you want to avoid both. If your engine is still rattling after an application of Rattle Stop, however, you might need an injector replacement. Rattle Stop should be added before filling your tank with diesel. Use 1000ml of Rattle Stop per 80-100 litres of diesel. It is not recommended for use in vehicles with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). Rattle Stop is only available online.

RRP: $39.00 per one-litre bottle Website:


Gravity – it’s what makes the world go ’round. Equally important to us, however, is clean drinking water. Katadyn’s Base Camp Pro combines both with a system that uses gravity to allow filtered water to flow without the need to pump it. The 10L Camp Pro is claimed to be one of the fastest gravity filters on the market, and it’s also the only water filter that easily converts into a camp shower (with an adaptor). At the heart of the compact, foldable water bag is the newly developed Ultra Flow Filter Element. This tech allows a flow rate of up to two litres per minute to filter bacteria, cysts and sediment. The Camp Pro is ideal for up to 10 people and easily hangs on any tree branch.

A cleanable filter protector lengthens the filter element’s lifetime.

RRP: $189.95. Website:


Lightweight, compact when stored, and bloody comfortable; the NeoAir Voyager is the luxo version of the NeoAir range and offers plenty of warmth, courtesy of Therm-a-Rest’s WaveCore technology. This tech is based on a single layer of horizontal baffles inside the mat that replace the need for down or synthetic fibres to add insulation. Yep, it sounds like a mad scientist’s project, but it works. We’ve used one of these mats for a few years now in all weather conditions and it has offered a comfortable, warm sleep every time. Aiding that sleep is the Voyager’s 64mm inflated height – there’s plenty of cush in this compact mat. Another standout feature is its tough construction. The 75D polyester fabric is very robust and – importantly – air-tight. There’s been a few nights’ camping when I have found rocks and sharp sticks under the mat, but it has never suffered a failure. And it’s not too heavy to use for an overnight hiking adventure away from base camp.

RRP: $209.95 Website: