cabins and camping and itís a bloody top joint.

The next morning, as we drove out of the station in convoy, a wedge-tailed eagle wheeled about in the sky high above us.

On the return trip to Coober Pedy, we pulled off to the side of the track to tackle a bit of rock-crawling. We didnít want the adventure to end. It was low-range fun on the steep climbs and hilldescent- control heaven on the descents.

Thereís a raw delight to driving in the outback. Nothing like it.

The scenery is incredible and ever-changing, as is the terrain, and the light is eye-scaldingly bright. During the day, the sky is crisp and clear blue; the night sky is a black blanket, peppered and aflame with bright, twinkling stars.

After more than 500km of outback adventure, every bloke in the BT-50-touring crew had a big-sky smile.

Weíve been out here loads of times, but that doesnít matter in the grand scheme of things, because the landscape and light, the blue-sky brightness and the sun-bleached sand, the people and the places never fail to surprise. Never mind the flies and heat.